As Canada’s leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider, we know Canadian shipping procedures inside and out. Whether you’re shipping to, from or within Canada, we’ve provided resources to ensure that you enter the Canadian market with a firm understanding of what makes trade between the U.S. and Canada so strong.

White papers and market data: Learn the Canadian market from the experts

Our blog focuses on key topics being discussed in the industry as it relates to regulatory issues, customs clearance, government and transportation in general. Read now

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Parcel Delivery

Receiving online purchases should be as easy as filling a digital cart. No hang-ups, no delays, no worries. With PuroPost, enjoy seamless and efficient cross-border services for U.S. businesses shipping to Canada. Our cost-friendly deliveries arrive within 2- to 8-days, guaranteed.

With regular pickups across the U.S. and final delivery through Canada Post, we’ve got Canada covered. End-delivery options are available to over 16 million addresses, including post office boxes, community mailboxes, parcel lockers, 6,200 retail facilities, and remote locations for no extra charge.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Your supply chain should be as nimble and flexible as your business needs to be. That’s why we offer a range of supply chain solutions that offer personalized service, maximum efficiency and exceptional value. Our scope of services ranges from comprehensive supply chain management programs to value-added services, including shipment preparation and data integration.

For example: If border-crossing fees are hurting your bottom line, our logistics experts will consolidate your small shipments into one large shipment, which will then be cleared for entry into Canada as a single transaction. The result is reduced costs and a faster Canadian customs regulations and border clearance process.

If customs paperwork isn’t accurate and letter perfect, your shipment will be held up. We can help. Our shipment preparation services and cross border expertise will ensure that your shipments arrive at the border — often pre-cleared for entry into Canada — with necessary documentation already complete.

Regardless of the level of service your business needs, we can tailor a supply chain solution that integrates our expertise in the Canadian market, extensive distribution networks, technological capabilities and returns management options.

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Packaging & Warehousing

Managing and operating customized, streamlined warehouses that help boost the customer’s bottom line is the key to our warehousing solutions. We strive to provide operational expertise in order to maintain consistent and efficient production. Whether you use our team or yours, our in-house experts provide daily assistance to help increase fill rates, manage inventory and reduce waste of time and product.

Our warehousing and fulfillment services include, but are not limited to:

Food Grade Storage
RF & Barcoding
Online Inventory Tracking
Temperature Controlled Storage
Performance Measurement
Equipment (Pull-Pack, Clamp, Roll Clamp, Four Fork, Basiloid)
Full Array of EDI Transaction Sets
Purchasing & Customer Service Administration
Quality Control Inspections
Customer-Specific Certification
Rail Service
Foreign Trade Zone
Special Labeling
FDA Approval
Our Nationwide Logistics Warehouses

Below are information about our logistics and distribution warehouses located throughout the U.S.

Illinois Logistics Warehouses
Peoria Warehouse
Montgomery South Warehouse
Montgomery North Warehouse
Galesburg Warehouse
Florida Logistics Warehouses
Orlando North Warehouse
Orlando South Warehouse
California Logistics Warehouses
Fontana Warehouse
Mira Loma Warehouse
Tracy Warehouse
Stockton East Warehouse
Stockton West Warehouse
Colorado Logistics Warehouse
Denver Warehouse.

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Expedited Forwarding

Your business is a well-oiled machine, with critical deadlines to meet and inventory levels to maintain. Our Expedited Forwarding team is your partner to deliver time-sensitive shipments to their destination, anywhere, anytime.

Whether it’s a one-time emergency shipment or a recurring need, our customizable network ensures the best routes for your deliveries, keeping your supply chain lean and powerful. Purolator International has 30 plus locations in the U.S., dedicated nightly flights into Canada, and unique access to Canada’s largest end delivery networks. This means you get access to the most diverse supply chain solutions available and more than 20 years expertise in customs and trade regulations. Additionally, you get the same level of customer service for your scheduled shipments that you get for emergency next-day deliveries.

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Door to Door Delivery

At  Pacific Express Line we have an extensive network of agents worldwide that allows us to offer a Door to Door service (sea, road, air) of maximum confidence and guarantee. We simplify the operation from origin to destination being your only interlocutor, facilitating your cargo tracking at all times and an All-Inclusive rate (incoterm DAP -Delivery at Place -) broken down with all concepts in a transparent manner:

  • Ground transportation costs at origin, from warehouse to Port / Airport
  • Local and cargo handling expenses at origin, in Port / Airport
  • Customs clearance at origin
  • Maritime / Air Freight and Surcharges
  • Management costs and submission of documentation
  • Customs clearance at destination, excluding customs duties and taxes
  • Local and cargo handling expenses at destination, in Port / Airport
  • Ground transportation costs at destination, from Port / Airport to final customer warehouse

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